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fall lust

{gifted python print matisse footwear boots}

I’ve spent an above average amount of time in the air lately thanks to several flights around the country, which means I’ve had a fair amount of time to catch up on my favorite mags. This comes at a perfect time as the thick glossy September issues are lining the racks of every store, and I like to savor each page of every issue, {at least a couple times over.} This, along with a few chilly evenings, has fast-tracked my lust for all things fall, from darker jewel-toned nails, to all things leather, to perfectly pristine boots just waiting to be worn with tights and leggings.

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The summer months are officially over, and now it’s that awkward in-between-season time of year when everyone is tired of their summer clothes, but it’s not quite cold enough for a fall wardrobe. Regardless of the temperatures this month, I know that dark wide-leg denim, blouses, leopard, and sequins will all be making multiple appearances in this months outfit choices. Luckily these are 4 fall trends that I’ve loved for awhile, so I’ve slowly been adding these pieces to my closet over the past few months. Instead, I can focus my shopping attention on new boots of every height, denim in every color, and picking out the perfect fall purse.

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